Sunday, April 26, 2015

So Happy I'm Annoying

When I hear that robin sing, well I know it's comin' on Spring, and oooo-eeeee we're starting a new life. I've been shoveling that snow away, working for my pay and all I've got to say is we're starting a new life.
-Van Morrison

Life is full of great things; skittles, puppies, pretty much anything that's orange, and salsa music. A couple of weeks ago in my Toastmasters group we talked about ending up on accidental adventures and turning lemons into lemonade. People shared some very funny and very inspiring stories, and even though all the events started as a big pain in the backside, everyone dealt with their lemons, figured a way to work through the lemons and ended up smiling. Life is funny and awkward sometimes, but mostly it's pretty awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that I'm struggling this month to keep my mind on writing and my brain focused. The inside of my head is almost always like a bucket of forks, but right now in particular, I don't have much to say. I just want to smile, pat children on the head, read books, share good times with my friends, go on long walks, and see super cool stuff at the museum. Most people who paint, draw, sculpt, write music, write poetry, write song lyrics, or create just about anything say that they have a wealth of things to draw from when life is rough, but then it's hard to conjure up anything when you're happy. It's true! If I just run around singing "everything is awesome" all the time, you're going to get sick of me . . . or are you? I love being around happy people. I know someone who is constantly saying how unhappy his relationship is, how he wants to do this or that, how he hasn't lived up to his potential, blah blah blah. What sticks in my craw about this is, he always just says it but never does anything about it. This makes me think he's either settling for less and just living his life out Eeyore style OR he really is pretty happy but for whatever reason just likes to be a sad sack. Either way, I felt bad for him when I first met him, but then as time passed and nothing changed, including his attitude, I got sick of hearing about it. It's ok to be sad, 100% ok, and it's ok to sit with that for a while, but if you're not making any moves whatsoever toward a brighter tomorrow, then you're just the boy who cried wolf, and that's boring. Plus, if you're constantly talking badly about your relationship but keeping it going then you're just a butthole.

Happy is a lot more fun. Happy opens your world up. Happy makes you smile at people and you notice how many people out there are also smiling, smiling at you and everyone else. Happy is motivating. Happy gets you up and out of bed and ready to spend a day among the living. Happy is allowing . . . allowing people in, allowing people to be who they are, allowing you to be who you are, happy is sharing and happy is about a billion times easier than being closed off. Again, and I can't stress this enough, sometimes closed off is necessary and it's ok, but if that's not your natural state then you know how hard it is to not be happy. You miss it, and people miss the real you, the happy you.

This month is short, and quite frankly not that interesting, but I'm too happy to be interesting! I love my new job, I love my new yoga studio, I love my friends and my cat and my car and ice cream and toastmasters and I have a crush and that's super fun and I love rain and snow and sunshine and . . .