Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Volunteer, it does a body good

If you don’t know what to do about a world of trouble, you can pull it through if you need to, and if you believe it’s true it will surely happen. Shining still to give us the will, bright as the day, to show us the way. Somehow, someday, we need just one victory and we’re on our way.
Todd Rundgren

I started on a different subject this month, but I’ve become inspired by the people around me to talk about volunteering.

In December I wrote a bit about giving your money, if you have it, to charitable causes. Now I want to write about giving your time, your heart, your soul, your blood sweat and tears. Hopefully the blood will be as a donor, the tears will likely be tears of joy, sweat is what gets it done. I don’t want to dissuade you from giving money if you can, please do! Try, though, to step out and really get involved in a hands on way, you’ll be amazed at how good you will feel about yourself, others around you, and the world at large.

A few years ago my friend (and many of yours), Robyn, felt so inspired to help cancer survivors in their healing process she started her own non-profit organization called re-org. She didn’t just think “Wow, someone should really do something about that”, she did something about that. re-org is now a growing, local non-profit organization that serves a community of survivors through Robyns efforts and your donations, both financially and with your time. All the massage therapists are volunteers. Every year at the fall wine tasting the photographer (Patrick, whom you will read about below) donates his time and the wine pourers donate their time. For the spring fundraiser (Massages, Manicures, and Mimosas) the therapists are all volunteers as well as the nail technician (Deb, you will see her name here again as well). Please visit

Recently, after the devastation in Japan, another friend, Patrick, was personally touched by this tragedy and is organizing a fundraiser to aid in the relief efforts. Can you believe this? Putting together an entire evening of art to be auctioned and music with not one dollar of profit for himself, all to help a country full of people that are thousands of miles away and he’s never met. That is giving. Please visit

My friend, Julie, lost her brother to Leukemia. To honor his memory Julie put together a weekend of volunteering at The Roundup River Ranch in Dotesero, CO. This Ranch is part of The Hole In The Wall Association of camps. These camps are set up across the country to serve children with life threatening diseases. Children go to camp free of charge and are given all the medical care they need while experiencing summer camp and getting to know other children that are winning the same battle. This is the first camp to be set up in our area, expanding their reach for children. Julie appealed to a group of friends, close to 50 people responded to the call and joined forces to help out. Julie inspires me. Please visit

I work with a woman, Jennifer, who has a set up a program to visit a local safehouse and provide these women with chair massages, haircuts, and manicures. No one gets paid, it’s only to help out women in a situation that I can’t begin to fathom. Can you imagine how nice it must feel to get your shoulders rubbed, your hands massaged, and your head held in a way that is loving and kind as opposed to abusive and scary? You can work miracles in the lives of others, I promise you, you can make a difference.

Missy is about to donate bone marrow for someone she has never met. She is scared. It is going to be painful and it will take several days healing time. But she is doing it to save a life. Please visit

Therese is a regular blood donor. You can all do this and you should. It’s easy, painless, takes almost no time and saves a life. Not to mention you get a free cookie and apple juice, do it! Please visit

Deb donates her time to re-org as the nail technician at the spring fundraiser, she organizes The Mountain Resource Center annual Christmas party, and she puts together baskets for our soldiers. Deb organized a letter writing campaign to send cards and well wishes to soldiers along with baskets of playing cards, toiletries, and beanie babies (they like to hand them out to the local children). She also puts together the Christmas party at The Mountain Resource Center every year through Tallgrass Spa. For many children the gift they get at the party is the only gift they will get for Christmas. Any time there is a need for a volunteer Deb’s hand is high the air. Please visit

You can all become organ and tissue donors; just have it marked on your license. When your beautiful spirit moves on to the next realm, let your vessel help someone who is desperate for it. Someone else can see through your eyes.

If you are feeling low and like you have nothing to give, just try it. Giving to others, serving those in need will lift your spirits in ways that will surprise and astound you, and it perpetuates. Your service may serve to inspire others, you can change the world . . . with your own two hands.

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